Музей Павлова
Дворец князя Олега Рязань
Рязанский кремль
Усадьба Есенина

Ryazan is a city with a long history. A huge number of museums, monuments of cultural heritage and architecture, the extraordinary nature make Ryazan and Ryazan region an attractive place for tourists.

The Ryazan Kremlin is a unique historical and architectural outdoor ensemble which includes 18 historical and cultural monuments of the 11th-19th centuries. This part is the oldest in our city and the largest preserved museum with the rich collections of the ancient Russian art, archeology, and ethnography.

In 1995 the museum was included in the Government List of The Most Valuable Objects of Cultural Heritage of the Peoples of the Russian Federation.

The State Preserved Museum of S.A. Esenin is a whole museum complex that includes the house of the poet's parents, the zemskaya (public) school, the church of Kazan icon of the Mother of God, the chapel in honor of the Holy Spirit, the house of the priest I.Ya. Smirnov, the estate of the landowner L.I. Kashina, and Spas-Klepikovskaya second-class teacher's school in the Klepikovsky department of the museum.

An essential part of the preserved museum is nature. The village of Konstantinovo is located on the high bank of the Oka-river. From this point you can enjoy the magnificent view of the river and the endless floodplain meadows.

The Historic House Museum of academician I.P. Pavlov in Ryazan is the main monument to the scientist in Russia. The museum was opened in 1946 in a house where Pavlov spent his childhood and youth. Visitors can not only get acquainted with the museum collections, but also take a walk in the garden, participate in events, and play in the gorodki (a game similar to skittles). And the most important thing is that the incredible atmosphere of the museum gives you the opportunity to feel the charm of a bygone era and enjoy the peace and quiet in the center of our city.

More details about these and other unique places of our region you can check at the front-desk of the boutique hotel "Kremlin Park", as well as book an excursion.

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